iPaaS Solutions for Sales Force, Xero, Oracle, SQL Server, ESRI etc

Information Management

Discover and understand the information landscape of your business.

Universal Platform allows you to get and trust your data, turning it into information you can use.


Everything from everywhere

Why should it matter where data comes from? All that matters is that you need it.

Get data easily with connections to Oracle, Microsoft, Twitter and anything else you can think of.

Universal Platform gives you a complete picture, by connecting to all the data you want.

Cloud Integration Solutions, connect the hybrid cloud

Integration Platform with IDM and Strong Security


Validated, secure & reliable

It's not enough to have all of your data, it needs to be reliable.

You can ensure, with data encryption and validation, that the complete picture is the correct picture.

Universal Platform turns your conflicting data, into reliable information.


Information your way

Reliable information is at your fingertips, start using it immediately.

From reports and automation, to Systems Integration and Data Management.

You can do it all, without the need for developers.

Universal Platform reveals your information landscape, and provides the tools to shape it.

Integration Platform as a Service - Data Driven Design

Your Systems Integration Solution

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