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Information. On your terms

The most comprehensive information management capability ever seen within a single product.
Designed and delivered with ease of use, performance and functionality in mind.

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Intl: PCT/AU2013/000004
EFIS: 11884374/App#61588855
AU#: 2013200729

Universal Platform enables us to utilise our data assets as a source for sustainable competitive advantage
David de Villiers - ZapGroup


Redefine Information

Uncover the landscape of your information.

All data, transactions and processes displayed in a way you can understand.

Universal Platform translates the data your software needs into information your business wants.
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iPaaS Integration Solutions for data and systems integration
Systems integration tools with flow based programming


Support your people and processes

Easily connect disparate systems, no matter where they are.

What about the people driving these systems? Like Sally from Finance, who uses Excel like a pro and doesn't want to change.

With Universal Platform, end users don't need to change their software. So Sally can continue using Excel. While behind the scenes, your systems are interacting seamlessly.
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Information that speaks to you

Communicate information how you want, not how your systems tell you.

Easily model, clean and unify your data. No matter how fragmented or unreliable it is.

Universal Platform provides accurate information in a language you can understand.
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Master Data Management and Master Data Modelling

Your Systems Integration Solution

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