Data Governance - Master Data Management

Data Management

You need quick and easy access to reliable information to make the best decisions.

By modelling, cleaning and unifying your data, Universal Platform provides you accurate information in a language you understand.

Master Data Model - Master Data Management - Meta Data Management


Information you understand

Why let proprietary systems shape your information? You know your business, they don't.

Structure your information in a way that makes sense to you. So you can use it anyway you want.

Universal Platform frees your information, delivering it on your terms.
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Clean and Unify Data - Data Cleansing Services


Data that cleans itself

Most data is dirty. But why undergo expensive data cleansing when you don't have to?

Identify your information's single points of truth, along with how to validate, and you are done. The data will then be cleaned everytime Universal is run.

Universal Platform provides you quick access to reliable information that you can use.
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Information Systems Integration including data management


Information that speaks to you

Your sales team talks about customers. Customers with names, phone numbers, monthly spend and last time contacted.

Their systems don't understand a customer like that though. Customer information is fragmented and trapped in different parts of the business.

Universal Platform allows you to easily combine data from anywhere. So your sales team, in a few minutes, can make systems talk customers like they do.
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Your Systems Integration Solution

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